Ellooo. My name is Stephanie, 21 years old and a Les Twins Fan <3, Music Lover, and Anime-Freak. Favorite Animes: Bleach, Death Note, and Black Butler(Kuroshitsuji) just to name a few. The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, and Supernatural are also amongst my favorite shows.
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Day 41 of Gnarly Gnails Neverending Pile Challenge - Dupes match an untried with a tried. I matched 3 including Pacific Blue the old better version with the better formula n better colour. I fell in live with sunset palm tree silhouette nails the very second I layed eyes on them, however, they were so over done I vowed Id never do them. LIES! I couldnt help it I had too and I’m VERY GLAD I DID! Untrieds used: 2.


⭐️ Mermaid inspired nails using nail polishes from @nailtini. Colors used are “Legitimint”, “Fable Fizz” & “Babydoll”. My mermaid scales were hand painted using a nail art brush from @winstonia_store & “Penny Talk” by @essiepolish. My starfish & mermaid charms are from my loves @daily_charme! ⭐️ @nailinghollywood #nailinghollywood #dailycharme #nailtini #mermaidnails

Iggy “Fancy” Parody






ok 1 why the fUCK do you have a skunk

You can have their gland removed so they don’t stink, and then they’re basically cats after that.

So fuckin adorable


when your mom walks up behind you while you’re blogging



People that still tell “women in the kitchen” jokes



Pretzel Nails (inspired by jauntyjuli tutorial), more details on my blog.

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Hawaii NOTW inspiration!


another nail in the coffin
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M.I.A.’s nails for LOVEBOX FESTIVAL by Sophie Harris-Greenslade at The Illustrated Nail using @Illamasqua “Jo’mina”




So I’ve tried doing my own acrylic stiletto nails and it’s actually turned out pretty well, only problem is I am soooo bad at painting my nails it’s ridiculous. My nails always turn out how little kids paint their nails, just all goopy and all over the fingers. Plus I’m so bad at not touching anything until it dries, so there’s always like imprints and dents in the polish. I just need someone to paint my nails and hold down my hands.

Well….you could always purchase some gel polish and a uv lamp. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the drying part. If not get some elmer’s glue and put a few coats on the sides of your fingers. Then paint…and when you’re done you can just peel the polish off.